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Specializing in Marketing Services for:

● Brand Strategies
● Engagement Mkt / Community Outreach
● Messaging/Creative Development
● Diversity and Inclusion
● Communication (Internally and Externally)
● Multicultural Communities
● Project Management

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Multicultural Marketing

The U.S. will cross a demographic milestone before the decade is out, as the majority will be comprised of minorities by 2020. It only makes good business sense for InterMixx to tailor your messages to reach the highest growing populations for the greatest ROI. InterMixx is always on the cutting edge when it comes to cultural changes.

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Diversity & Inclusion

InterMixx continues to help clients benefit from the reality of inclusions and cultural diversity and how its imperative to “diversify thought” with internal branding messages for profitability and sustainability to become relevant in this global marketplace. We help to bring your mission statement and core values out of the files and make them come ALIVE for audiences to see in living color.

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Are you branded? Does your brand accurately portray your mission? InterMixx can help you create or better your brand by:

- Delivering your message clearly
- Confirming your credibility
- Resonating using a variety of cultural nuances
- Motivating the consumer
- Sustaining user loyalty

Because your first impression is a lasting one.

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Creative Development

The InterMixx team expertly develops concepts based on your company's specific goals. We know that an image can define who you are. To design the image is one thing, but InterMixx will bring your concept to life in a way that is certain to entice, engage, and excite your customers.

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Public Relations

We believe that people embrace what they have helped create. InterMixx connects the consumer to the brand through conducting focus groups in target communities. We encourage the people our clients service to actively participate in the marketing process to help sustain an ongoing partnership between the community and the cause. InterMixx is committed to 'Keeping You Culturally Correct and Connected' in the community.

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